Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

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Just when you thought the dust settled and the cast of The Real would be one big happy family, the drama continues. Tamar Braxton is still adversarial about her exit from the daytime talkshow and now she’s pulling up allegations and sharing them with the world. According to text messages between Braxton and an unknown source, The Real co-host Loni Love allegedly sent letters to try and get Braxton fired from the show.

The whole reveal was prompted by Braxton’s appearance on The Wendy Williams show this week when she referred to her ex-castmates as “catty.” Wendy Williams didn’t help the situation when she called the show “cute” before saying that the show isn’t as good without Braxton’s presence.

This prompted Love to reply on an episode of The Real just hours later, making it know that their “cute” show won a Daytime Emmy in 2018, something The Wendy Williams Show has yet to snag.

“First of all, thank you for calling us a ‘cute’ show. We are also an Emmy-winning show. Don’t forget that,” Love said on Wednesday.

Love also had a few words in response to Braxton calling the cast catty.

On Wendy, Braxton said:

“Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be anybody’s marketing tool this season, no shade. I just wish everybody well and I feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself. What if I was in a situation where I’m doing Braxton Family Values and very stressed and then I’m doing this other show where people are being catty behind my back. What kind of person would I be right now sitting on this couch? I wouldn’t be focused, I wouldn’t be ready for my transformation, I wouldn’t be ready for my elevation and that’s where I’ve gotta go. I’ve got to go up and up and up.”


Despite her whole spiel, Love pointed out that Braxton made a now deleted social media apology to the cast of The Real just a couple of months ago, according to Page Six.

It’s quite the turn to now call the cast “catty.”

In an emotional response, Love said on The Real, “It’s been three years. I don’t know why you guys keep talking about this whole situation.” Love then went on to say that it was Braxton’s initial apology that prompted the cast to invite her to the show for season six. “You are still welcome right here too, and every time. It is not a big deal. Seriously, we as black women have to stick together. We as women have to stick together. It’s no pettiness. We need to have you come here so we can close the circle.”

But it seems like that’s not going to happen because on Wednesday evening Braxton posted a now deleted text conversation with an unknown source who accused Loni Love of writing letters to the network to get Braxton fired.

The source wrote, “Lonnie was writing the network on you I’m hearing this story,” to which Braxton replied, “I told everyone that it was her no one wanted to believe me.”

Then, the source replied, “Yeah I got confirmation right now. Person who wrote and worked for her is spilling all the tea.”

Later on in the text conversation, the unknown source wrote, “Cookie told me,” to which Tamar responded, “It’s the truth.”

The source continued, “She said she was writing letters while you were in surgery.” This is when Tamar responded, “Losing that publicly almost took me out of here. Yep. In my death bed.”

It’s not clear what Tamar was referring to when she said “losing that publicly,” but it’s most likely she’s talking about her The Real gig.

Eventually, Love peeped the allegations and after a few back and forths, she commented on on of Braxton’s Instagram post, writing, “I know you are scared Tamar… but if you are going to accuse me of something do it to my face… but you can’t handle the truth.. I thought your apology was sincere.. that was why I wanted you to come on the show.. I can’t wait for your next funny meme..let’s go Sis!!!”

The saga continues.

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