While some people were celebrating that Amber Guyger was convicted of murdering Botham Jean in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 6 2018, there was another injustice happening in Georgia. Former police Zechariah Presley was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of unarmed Black man Tony Green. He was only 33.

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According to the Associated Press, Pastor Mack De’Von Knight, whose church Green attended, said outside of the courthouse, “He admitted that he killed Tony Green in cold blood. To me, it’s hunting season for the young Black man and we’re being gunned down in the streets and there’s no repercussions, there’s no consequences for these officers.”

On the evening of June 20, 2018, Presley was reportedly following Green’s car because he believed he was driving with a suspended license. According to “dash camera video showed Green drive the car off the road, then open the door and run. He briefly returned to the vehicle to grab an unseen object, then fled again.”

Presley chased Green on foot, the two struggled, which could not be be seen on camera. Green was then shot eight times.

The AP also reported, “On the witness stand Wednesday, Presley added details he had not mentioned previously. He said he opened fire after Green turned back to face him and extended an arm, saying he feared Green had a gun. Investigators determined the object in his hand was a cellphone.”

Prosecutor Rocky Bridges slammed this new account in the closing argument, saying, “He made a fatal mistake and it was a mistake that cost a man his life. You don’t have to like Tony Green. … He ran from the police, not a good decision. But he was not armed. He did not turn on officer Presley. He did not deserve to die.”

Nonetheless, he was acquitted of manslaughter charges. However, the jury did find Zechariah Presley guilty of violating his oath of office. He faces a prison term of one to five years and will be sentenced Oct. 18.

Rest in power to Tony Green.


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