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If you were raised in the 90’s hip hop era, then you know there are a few people, who played a major part in cultivating that era, that you should never come for – and Lil’ Kim happens to be one of those people.  And apparently Cardi B feels the same way.  The WAP rapper took to her Twitter account to defend the Queen B after her “Big Santa Papi” song, which was released earlier this month for Nick Cannon’s television program Miracles Across 125th Street, received critical reviews from the internet.

A recording artist by the name of Edidion took to his twitter account to post about his disdain for Lil’ Kim’s cyber bullies.  He typed, “Watching @LilKim get bullied, mocked, and disrespected by thousands of people online is really upsetting.  The other day it was because of her halftime performance and now it’s because of a role she played in a movie. At what point will this weird hate bandwagon for Lil’ Kim end?”  Cardi B replied to his tweet with, “I’m tired of it and it’s heartbreaking…She’s is so sweet, supportive and a REAL F**** LEGEND ..I remember when I used to beef wit b****** and I used to put on my MySpace her song F*** YOU!I think it gotta be these 2000’s born kids on this app that don’t know about sh**!” Cardi also went on to tweet that she understands firsthand how much it hurts to be picked on.  

Cardi, like many other women around her age range or older, grew up listening to Lil’ Kim’s raunchy, “in your face” music.  When Lil’s Kim’s first album (Hardcore) dropped, the industry was forever shaken.  In comes this petite woman spitting bold lyrics that were only heard from the mouths of men artists, and her liberating way of rapping gave way to a whole new era for female emcees.  From her first album to now, Lil’ Kim has set trend after trend in the industry, and many female artists today follow the blueprint that the Queen B laid.  Colorful hair and furs, trendy fashions, and powerful rap lyrics are just a few of the ways Lil’ Kim has made her mark in this industry.  So instead of criticizing her, homage should be paid.

We are with Cardi B, leave Lil’ Kim alone.


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