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Fashion and flexing have always been a huge part of Black culture. The HBCU community is no exception to this cultural staple. 

Everyone is trying to get their fits off and there is a ton of pride in looking the best on and around campus. So we decided to give these students and alumni their props for showing up and showing out. 

Courtesy of HBCU Drip, Every week we are going to be highlighting five individuals with the hardest drip on campus. Those people will serve as a “representative” for their institution and that will dictate the school’s place in the HBCU Fashion rankings. 

This week’s HBCU Fashion Rankings feature some looks that make you look at your phone twice. With Christmas right around the corner, the bar is being raised significantly by these HBCU students and alums. Let’s take a look at which schools composed the HBCU Fashion Rankings this week.

5. Southern University

I really like this look from @sumo1k. The dark pants with the bright colors give the look a nice pop. The white shoes and shirt also provide a nice neutral contrast to the pants. He’s the reason why Southern is in the top 5 of the HBCU Fashion Rankings this week. 


This is a nice outfit from @jazzy.b_. She’s got FAMU taking the 4th spot in the HBCU Rankings. The sweater has a nice design and seemingly shows off some school spirit as well. It works well with the pants and the shoes really pull this fit together. 

3. Tuskegee 

Tuskegee finds themselves on the HBCU Fashion Rankings this week with the 3rd overall spot. This was a very nice look from @iammoniquenichole. The camouflage pants and the graphic T elevate to the next level with her hat choice. The look just gets a whole different vibe because of that creative choice. 

2. Benedict 


Benedict is taking home the second spot in the HBCU Fashion Rankings this week thanks to this look from @wangwangg. The letterman-style jacket along with the Js give this is a nice sporty and street vibe. However, the colors really take this look over the top. The green and brown combo gives it a unique touch.

1. Howard 

The purple letterman-style jacket in this fit is just clean. The overall outfit from @miaaimor gives Howard the number one spot in the HBCU Fashion Rankings this week because the look is just crisp. Everything about this look works even down to the details of the shoes. 


HBCU Fashion Rankings Week 12/6- 12/12

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