We need to have a serious talk about how white people need to keep Rosa Parks‘ name out of their mouths.

On Monday, we reported that a melanin-sold-separate lady named Patricia Cornwall became the latest “Karen” to get caught on film showing off her entitlement and unwillingness to be a decent human being. She got arrested for putting her hands on another passenger, a white man, who told her, “Sit down, Karen,” after she refused to take a seat and stop causing a disturbance on a recent Delta flight.

Cornwall got arrested over the incident because white privilege has a significantly slimmer chance of achieving successful weaponization against a fellow white person, but it turns out there’s a bit more to the story as to what preceded the in-flight white-on-white crime incident.

According to the New York Post, Cornwallwho, by the way, was apparently a one-time NFL cheerleader and an actress who played a small role nobody remembers on the show Baywatch—began her Karen tirade when she couldn’t get to her seat after using the restroom because a flight attendant was moving through the aisle with a beverage cart. Now, this, of course, is a regular-degular mild nuisance that happens often to passengers on flights and is usually no big deal—unless you’re a certified Karen, in which case it’s all the excuse you need to start throwing a tantrum. 

So, according to a federal criminal complaint filed in Georgia that detailed the disturbance on the Thursday flight from Tampa, Florida, to Atlanta, the flight attendant simply told Cornwall to find a vacant seat until the beverage cart was out of her way, to which Cornwall reportedly replied, “What am I, Rosa Parks?” After that, the white man she got caught on camera taking a swing at reportedly pointed out that she “isn’t black, this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.”

And that’s how the whole confrontation started, according to the affidavit—a white woman got out of pocket and a white man spared Black people the effort of gathering her right together.

Here’s the thing, white people: YOU ARE NEVER ROSA PARKS!

Earlier this month, we reported on a white anti-masker who wore a red thong on his face while traveling with Southwest Airlines in protest of mandates to wear masks on flights. He, too, compared himself to the civil rights icon who, like all Black civil rights activists, was fighting to have her very humanity recognized—not because she refused to follow rules meant to help protect the public from a health crisis or because she couldn’t wait a few minutes for a cart to be out of her way so she could sit the hell down. 

I mean, I get it—white people want to be oppressed so badly and they just aren’t, so they need to pretend to be marginalized by citing relatively mundane inconveniences as instances of discrimination or mistreatment. Apparently, white people have their own version of Jim Crow where instead of being relegated to second class citizenship and being legally confined to a lesser quality of living, they’re mandated to put a mask on their face or wait to be seated just like everyone else; only they don’t want to deal with it and therefore it’s oppression.

Get over yourselves, my Caucasian friends.

Or whatever, just keep the names of Black figures out of your white nonsense.


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