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Lizzo has been vocal about her health and fitness journey in 2020 and 2021. When she did a 10-day juice cleanse, the internet ripped her to shreds for trying to lose weight, when all she wanted to do was prioritize her health. Every now and then she’ll post a video of herself on a treadmill or in the gym, but ultimately her main workout regimen involves twerking.

Yesterday, the Truth Hurts crooner took to Instagram to let us know she put on a few extra pounds. In a post she wrote, “I gained weight💅🏾 I look TF GOODT😍


Yes you do, girl!

Lizzo’s fans met her with tons of supportive comments.

User @embellishedfood wrote, “Ugh this just made me feel better I love you!”

@shayisastar chimed in saying, “Happy weight I know that’s right🙌

User @adi_yacobi echoed everyone’s sentiments, “You are perfect just the way you are ❤

Other people may not understand why this update was needed, but for people who struggle with their weight, it helps to see someone like Lizzo embrace their weight gain instead of demonizing it. Body positive messages like this encourage others to have more grace with themselves when it comes to fluctuating weight loss and weight gain.

Lizzo will always be a vibe – no matter her size.


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