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Lori Harvey’s skin is flawless and she has her SKN by LH skincare line to thank for that! And now, the social media personality is finally revealing her daily skincare routine and how she achieves her continuous gorgeous glow.

In a social video that accompanies her Pop Sugar cover story, the beauty is shown in her bathroom wearing a white plush bathrobe with her hair in a slicked-back bun. She’s fresh-faced and as beautiful as ever as she begins to take viewers through her step-by-step skincare routine.

“First, I’m going to start with my Goji Berry cleanser from SKN by LH which is my skincare line that I just dropped,” she told viewers before taking the cleanser and washing her face. “I love this cleanser because it’s super lightweight, it’s non-drying, it has a low pH so it’s not going to leave your skin feeling dry or tight or stripped after. And it just removes all the impurities. If you have on makeup it’ll get rid of that.” She continued, “It’s packed with superfruits and antioxidants which is great for anti-aging.” After massaging the cleanser into her face for a few minutes, she then washed the cleanser off with cold water and patted her face dry using a clean towel.

For step two, Lori used her White Tea toner. “Usually I like to spray on a cotton pad but I don’t have one today so I’m just going to spray it all over my face,” Lori explained before spraying the toner on her face and letting it air dry into her skip.

For step three, Lori used her Vitamin C serum on her face. “Vitamin C is one of the ingredients that really just got my skin back healthy,” she explained while showing off the serum. “After I went through my preteen phase, my skin was breaking out really bad. I had a lot of dark marks and hyperpigmentation and Vitamin C just changed my life”.  Lori then showed viewers how she applies the Vitamin C serum and was sure to always rub upwards on her face and never drag the skin down.

For step four, Lori applied the Peptide Eye Complex cream under her eyes which is said to help eliminate dark circles and bags. “My mom always just preached to me to be diligent with my eye cream,” Lori explained, telling fans that dark circles and bags tend to run in her family so this product was one of her favorites.

For the last and final step, Lori applied her Niacinamide Cream to her face to help with moisture retention, especially for the cold winter months. And finally, Lori applied an SPF to her skin, and then, she was ready to go!

Check out the steps in detail below.

Have you tried Lori’s skincare routine?

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