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Lala Anthony is expanding her empire, this time venturing into the beauty industry with her own hair care line!

Yesterday, the 39-year-old television personality introduced Inala, a brand new leave-in hair-strengthening treatment. The product currently retails for $55 and is available on the brand’s website. In an interview with peaking exclusively to People about the new product, the actress explained how practicing self-care during the early parts of the pandemic led her to create a “power potion” that’ll help keep her locs luxurious and healthy.

“A lot of my hairstyles had been clip-ins or wigs or braids or weaves,” she explained to the magazine. “And I realized how damaged my natural hair was because I wasn’t taking care of or paying attention to it.”

Prior to the pandemic, Lala explained how she was always on the go but once she had a chance to slow down in lock-down, she realized that her hair care routine could use a little boost. In fact, she noticed that her hair was damaged all over, from thinning around her edges to breakage on the ends of her tresses. This damage led her to create Inala to help repair her natural hair.

“I started researching and experimenting with rice water,” she continued. “I was even tweeting about it. I found a village in China where women have hair down to the floor,” and with that knowledge in mind, Lala went to the kitchen to whip up a hair care remedy that would work.

“Growing up, every [treatment] you needed was in the kitchen: the avocado, the egg, the olive oil. My grandmother and mom [would say], ‘Go to the kitchen! Put this on your face! Put this in your hair!’ So, I was doing it myself – fermenting the rice at night, and the next day, putting the rice water in a bottle and spraying it in my hair, letting it sit it, rinsing it out, doing it again” she explained. She then decided to figure out a way to put her magic remedy in a bottle to make it last, and that, she explained, is how “Inala came to be and came to fruition.”

After a two-year process, Lala finally created a formula she could be proud of, combining rice water complex, Biotin, and Arginine. And now that the product is officially on the market, Lala says the support has been outstanding, especially from her friends and family. She explained, “It’s not a product that’s just targeted to one hair texture or one hair type because that’s not the world, that’s not realistic, and I didn’t want to exclude people from having great results and having beautiful hair.”

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