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The epic battle between Babyface and Teddy Riley was postponed and fans are anxiously waiting for a reason why and a rescheduled date. Teddy Riley originally said it was pushed back because they wanted it to be right and that Babyface wasn’t feeling well. Now, it’s been revealed that the reason his battle with Babyface would be postponed was because he wanted to stream it on Omnis Player, a site he invested in.


According to TheJasmineBrand, Riley originally said about the cancellation, “There’s no back out. Nobody’s backing out. Babyface is moving slow, he’s not 100%. You know he’s been sick. What it is, is we kind of pulled back because we really want this done right, and we don’t want the stops from Instagram. So that’s the main reason why. We both have the respect for each other. And that’s the one thing. That’s my big brother. Charleston, New York, we don’t back down.”

Fans felt like he took the fun out of the battle and is trying to profit off of it. One fan wrote, “Teddy Riley wants us to PAY to see him battle Babyface??? In this economy??!!??” Another wrote,  “If Teddy Riley was smart he could’ve promoted his website during his ig battle and people probably would’ve been more inclined to check out the website AFTER the Live. He also could’ve boosted his followers and engagement on multiple platforms. He doesn’t understand Social media.”

Teddy later responded to the backlash, saying, “Instagram Can’t Get All The Money Everyone.”

Would you pay to see this battle?



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