Dealing with the “new normal” that has been abruptly imposed upon us is not easy to deal with for most people. These major changes have compromised our jobs, sanity as well as personal and mental health. In efforts to help counteract these effects, Equitas Health is now using technology to ensure clients living with jeopardized immune systems, that are recovering from substance abuse, and dealing with other illnesses still have access to get the help they need.

With Stay-At-Home orders in place throughout the state of Ohio, social distancing caused people to cancel meetings with the councilors and medical professionals they work with.

Patients now have some comfort with the video technology that connects them with the help they need. The Director of Behavioral Health, Myles Stickle, says this method is highly recommended.

“I would recommend folks to stay or get connected with a healthcare provider during this time. It’s easy to isolate at home. When we do that, we know that our​ symptoms tend to increase or even escalate,” said Stickle.

Governor Mike DeWine made a huge announcement to allow Equitas to use telehealth and telecounseling to treat clients. In the past, these methods were frowned upon. ​

“Prior to this epidemic, we were rarely able to do telecounseling in the state of Ohio. Certain restrictions though the licenses board, some restrictions with insurance reimbursement, and because of the executive order through the governor.  The pandemic, they have relaxed those rules to make sure we can get care to people,” said Stickle.

The average patient with Equitas Health receiving services usually are living with HIV/AIDS or recovering from substance abuse.​ However, they want everyone to know they are more than welcome to contact Equitas for help.

Source: NBC4i

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