The 47th Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

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Just a few days before the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, some (not so) shocking, behind the scenes tea has been spilt by the organization’s former chief executive. Deborah Dugan, who was placed on administrative leave last week, claims the nominating process for the music industry ceremony is “rigged” and clouded by conflicts of interest.

Ever since the beginning of Award show history, fans have speculated that the nominations are somehow set up for specific artists to win. And thanks to Dugan, the assumptions have been confirmed. On top of that, she described the Grammy organization as an “Old Boys Club” telling NBC:

“I was so shocked when I got there of the level of sexism and corruption that I found at the Recording Academy. There’s a layer of corruption, self-dealing and sexism that must go.

Along with her suspension, Deborah is currently in a legal battle with the Recording Academy, and under investigation for allegations that she had created a “toxic” work environment with an “abusive and bullying” management style.

Either Dugan is speaking straight facts, or the current investigation has her so furious that she decided to slander the organization. But judging by the receipts, there may be some truth to her claims. After all, she wasn’t suspended until she sent a memo to the academy’s human resources department spelling out issues inside the academy, including alleged voting irregularities, financial mismanagement and conflicts of interest.

Lizzo, Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X lead the pack for nominations at this year’s show.  But with all that’s happening behind the scenes, Sunday should be interesting. Will you be watching.


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