If you’re a fan of Lucky Charms cereal, then you’ll love Morphe’s latest collaboration with the magical cereal. The collaboration is a fun way to add some serious color to your collection.

Our resident makeup artist Anika Kai, gives us the lowdown on the Morphe X Lucky Charms collection.


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Anika Kai: Hi welcome back to my channel my name is Anika Kai and I’m a celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer and I’m here to share with you Morphe’s newest collection with lucky charms called Make

Some Magic. I’m really excited to get into this collection because first of all, I’m a fan of Lucky Charms. When they did that marshmallow only box, oh my God. This is like a dream come true so let’s get into some of the products now.
This collection is real cute it includes a six piece brush set, a lip gloss, an eyeshadow palette, and some really colorful eyeliners. So first up we’re going to get into the lip gloss. So, this is in a shade called Marshmallow Charm, which is giving frosty iridescent tease.
So let’s go ahead and swatch that and it’s pulling iridescent but kind of green on my skin tone. Right off the bat it’s a bit of a thicker formula than some of their other lip glosses so I’m going to go ahead and put some on the lips. As a topper it looks great layered with other lip products so give it a try and let me know what color it pulls on you.
So next up we have the six piece brush set and one of them is a double-sided brush. First of all the case is so cute and see-through with all the little lucky charms i’m definitely going to throw this in my travel bag. It can fit a lot more than six brushes as you can tell. So right off the bat we’ve got the fun coloring that we all know and love from lucky charms. We’ve got a nice bullet crease brush, a fluffy dome crease brush, eyeliner, lip liner, overall detail brush, a shader brush, another fluffy crease brush, and an angled liner brush with a double-ended spoolies essential if you don’t already have anything like this.
For the real magic we’re going to get into this 18 shade eyeshadow palette which I can only imagine that the shades are bright and as colorful as the rest of the collection. Let’s see what we got. Oh we’ve got a whole rainbow going on! We got matte, we’ve got shimmer. Oh my God, this is making my mouth water. The
imprints of the lucky charms themselves on the colors. This color Blue Moon is calling my name. So i’m going to go ahead and swatch that first. That’s my favorite marshmallow too.
All right not as pigmented as the Morphe colors that i’m used to, a little bit on the chalky side but
totally work with a bowl if you use a good base. Let’s go in for a shimmer the shade Unicorn. That is a great shimmer that is almost like an everyday shimmer. One that could work on a lot of skin tones. This guy over in the corner is also very interesting color it’s called Charmed. That is very pretty very pigmented very
creamy. This is great for a smoky eye or on the lower lash line. And last up i’m going to be swatching
the only neutral in the palette, Cereal Milk, which is so cute it almost resembles a shade of milk after you’ve
thrown some cereal in it. Oh look how pigmented that is! That is a good neutral if there’s gonna be one.
That’s the one and last but certainly not least is our six piece colorful pencil set two of which are suggested use on the lips and the other four are for eye and lips. So let’s go ahead and swatch these bad boys. First up is the cherry color. Oh that’s very pigmented. This would be a really good lip liner. It goes on very
smooth the orange shade is called Imaginative. The texture of these pencils is one that i’ve come to know and love from Morphe. Something that is creamy enough to go on the lip but dry enough to stay on the
eye. This third shade is called Optimistic. I don’t know how optimistic I am about a yellow pencil but
that just proved me wrong. Just like her friends, she’s pretty creamy and pigmented. Next up we have Mischievous, which is the green. These names are so cute. This one is called Delightful and lastly we have the purple, which is Whimsical are those shimmers. These last four that I swatched all have a bit of
metallic quality to it. Alright guys, well there you have it. That is the Morphe’s Lucky Charms Make Some Magic collection. Lots of colors, lots of options for the spring. You guys let me know what you think about the collection and if you have tried any of the products let me know down below. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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