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Happy National Curl Crush Day! The natural hair movement has come a long way. Long gone are the days when our kinks were shamed, today they are embraced and celebrated. So consider today a hair holiday and a day to love on yourself and your curls with these tried and true curly hair products.

Whether you wear your curls out on a daily or occasionally when you’re letting them breathe, finding curly hair products you love, that work for your tresses, is a tried and true journey.

Beloved beauty brand Carol‘s Daughter created #NationalCurlCrushDay – a movement to encourage everyone to love their curls and feel empowered to share and embrace their hair journey, reads an official press release.

“There’s an old saying that reads ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ and it is so true. We can spend so much time and energy comparing ourselves to others that we don’t allow ourselves the time to relish in the glory of who we are,” says Carol‘s Daughter Founder, Lisa Price. “I am a firm believer of crushing on you above all others, that’s why it brings me so much joy to participate in National Curl Crush Day and witness all the self-love. Today and every day, love you, love your hair and most importantly love the curl you’re with.”

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Carol’s Daughter

Looking for a nourishing system that smells as good as it hydrates? Carol’s Daughter’s Black Vanilla collection is a staple to curl-friends around the world. Deemed as a “life-changer,” the line is Infused with aloe and shea butter and delivers moisture and shine at its best.

Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

I’ve been using Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding ($14) on my daughter’s hair since she was born and I have to agree with the phrase on their bottle, it is the “best darn curly pudding.” An important aspect of my curly cream, for me, is how fast and well it absorbs into the hair (without leaving a white residue), how well it hydrates, and how it defines my curls. Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding checks off all of the above with an attention-grabbing scent that lasts days after use.

Mielle Organics Rice Water Collection

While the rice water method has been around for centuries, Mielle Organics capitalized on the popular trend with their Rice Water Collection, launched in 2020. The benefits of rice water are endless (just check out this review from our Senior Editor), but rice water enthusiasts can all agree – it smells horrible. Mielle Organics’ Rice Water Collection brings all the benefits minus the rancid smell.

“There are so many beauty benefits to using rice water. Rice specifically helps to cleanse and nourish hair strands while providing much-needed vitamins to your hair follicles,” CEO Monique Rodriguez shared with HelloBeautiful in a 2020 interview. “ I wanted to provide my customers with a product that not only solved their hair care needs but also provided health benefits that we need now more than ever.”


When it comes to curly hair custards that just get it right, Kinky-Curly is a leader in the custard game. Regarded by some fans as the “holy grail” of curl definers, Kinkly-Curly’s curling custard ($17) is a raved-about curly hair product. And, you can grab it from your local Target and Whole Foods store — making it even more accessible because it is one of their best-sellers. What ingredients make it work so well? According to their website, it’s “humectant properties of the Agave Nectar.”

Alwayz Pretti Haircare

“I’m usually very nervous about trying new products. Maintaining natural hair can be an expensive case of trial and error. Sometimes you come across something that really works for your hair, and other times it’s like, “why did I waste my money?” That wasn’t the case with Alwayz Pretti Haircare. Since adding her products to my wash day regimen, my curls are more defined and my hair remains hydrated.” -Marsha Badger, HelloBeautiful Senior Editor.

Join the #NationalCurlCrushDay #CurlCrushChallenge by posting a (new or old) photo of your curls using the hashtags #NationalCurlCrushDay #CurlCrushChallenge, and tag @carolsdaughter for a chance to win a year supply of your favorite Carol’s Daughter products and an Easy Beauty Bundle and Double Duty Brush Kit from The Lip Bar. Carol’s Daughter is also offering 30% off sitewide. Happy Shopping.


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