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Whether you’re rocking a bun, braids, wig, or weave, learning how to lay your edges feels like a Black girl’s right of passage. Laid hair edges have become an essential part of Black hairstyles. And, whether you decide to lay your edges or not (it’s totally up to you), curly and swirly edges a.k.a baby hairs, are on-trend.

It’s common to see your favorite celeb woman sporting laid edges. From Saweetie to Yara Shahidi to Alicia Keys, edges are the ultimate hair accessory. Influencer Jayda Cheaves have mastered the edge game so much it’s become a part of her signature look, her laid edges even spawned the trend “Jayda Edges.”

Cheaves recently partnered with KISS Colors & Care and held a virtual event where the popular personality, businesswoman and mother taught a handful of editors how she keeps her edges laid using their KISS Colors & Care Professional Edge 3-in-1 Boar Bristle Styler Plus and Edge Fixer Glued Maximum Glued edge control.

“It’s one of the first things I do after I wake up in the morning,” said Jayda during the virtual event. “I never leave the house without my edge fixer. I love all the flavors, but this week peach is my ultimate favorite.”

Step 1:

“I use my edge brush. The reason why I love Kiss Colors & Care for making this edge brush is because it has the comb, the brush, and the end part where you can part your hair to have the perfect part. I dip dip into my edge control and I just brush the hair I want out. You don’t brush straight. You brush in a circular motion. I do a little swoop – that’s essential.

Step 2:

If it’s late at night, I’m ready to go to sleep and I need my edges to be intact for tomorrow morning, I’ll get my silk scarf and make sure I wrap my baby hairs to the back. I love this silk scarf. It’s super important to have silk on your edges because it helps your hair from breaking off at night time. It keeps them moist. You don’t have to worry about your hair drying out. You wake up and your hair looks refreshed, your edges are moisturized and your edges are still intact.

Step 3:

If I have long hair like I have now, 30″ hair I need to put it in a bonnet. I like to get my hair and wrap it in a little bun. I get my bonnet, and the reason love this bonnet — not because it’s pink — because it has an elastic band and I don’t have to worry about waking up in the morning and having a mark around my edges. I hate that. This also protects the edges because the elastic band also keeps them intact.

It’s impossible to miss Kiss Colors & Care Edge Fixer Glued jars when you visit the beauty supply store. Their colorful, illustrious packaging stands out among the competitor and there’s a scent/ flavor for everyone. They come in full size or even more adorable travel sizes for your bag if you’re an edge aficionado like Jayda.


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