Phenic Skincare Aloe Vera Serum

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Hydration is the name of the game! Whether you consider yourself to be a skincare aficionado or a beauty novice, you likely know that maintaining moisturized skin is critical for a healthy-looking complexion. Most people rely on moisturizers to get the job done, but the coveted skincare essential is not the only means of delivering lasting moisture. In fact, the right moisturizing serum can up the ante in your routine. Case in point: Phenic Skincare’s Aloe Vera Serum.

Moisturizing serums are truly a Godsend. Like traditional serums, this essential contains high concentrations of active skin ingredients that cater to a variety of skincare concerns. In this case, the Phenic Skincare Aloe Vera Serum ($35, is formulated with aloe vera, squalane oil, and vitamin E to help soothe and moisturize irritated skin. It also works in your favor to brighten and promote an even-looking skin tone.

Tatayana Yomary Skincare Routine

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with good skin. However, all skin types require hydration to look and feel their very best. I was more than happy to give Phenic Skincare’s Aloe Vera Serum a try in my routine. To start, I cleansed my skin with Urban Skin Rx’s Resurfacing Vitamin C Cleansing Bar ($32, to help with my hyperpigmentation. Next, I followed up with the Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Water Toner ($26, to refresh my complexion and help keep breakouts at bay.

Then, I applied three drops of the Aloe Vera Serum to my face. I noticed how radiant how skin looked post-application. I also loved that the serum instantly absorbed into my skin and didn’t feel thick. Instead, it feels super-light and very moisturizing. I followed up by applying a layer of Black Girl Sunscreen ($18.99, to my skin to help shield my complexion from harmful UVA/YVB rays that can cause skin damage.

Tatayana Yomary

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Overall, I have to give Phenic Skincare’s Aloe Vera Serum its credit. The serum added an extra pop to my skin without sensitivity or irritation, and I also loved how light and nourishing it felt on my skin. I know that adding more products to your routine can give you pause, but you can’t go wrong with Phenic Skincare’s essential. Not to mention, it’s perfect for all skin types. So, if you’re ready to round out your skincare collection with a moisturizing serum, look no further than Phenic Skincare’s Aloe Vera Serum.


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