Now if you’re from the capital city then there are a few things you know for sure 1. We Bleed Scarlet and Gray 2. We always never say Xichigan we always say that team up north and 3. Nobody goes on the westside unless it’s to the casino. The west side of the city is just different and right now it’s even crazier with all of the drugs that are coming thru, don’t know if you’ve ever watched the series called “The Wire” but if you have then you know in the movie Baltimore had a serious drug problem and what one chief of police did to make things somewhat better was to use a part of the city that was already ran down and push all of the drug addicts and drug dealers over there to clean up the streets they called the area Amsterdam. And on any given night if you drive down by the bottoms ( Westside) it looks like a scene from “The Wire” because you have nothing but addicts walking around in the need of drugs and most if not all don’t have any money so what their going to do is terrorize whatever neighborhood their in to get their fix. Now is this what happened at that gas station we’ll never know but what we do know is that in the past 5 years our westside is filled with drug-related violence and it has to stop. Full Story Here 

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