Trolls the Experience

Source: Patricia Schlein/ / WENN

Movie theaters are nervous right now! Universal has changed the game and it may be at the expense of theaters. When the Planet shut down, Universal decided it was going to keep going and they released “Trolls World Tour” straight to digital, rather than postpone its release date. It was a power move that paid off!

According to, “Trolls World Tour” has made $100 MILLION in digital rentals since it hit on-demand platforms earlier this month.  That’s with a rental fee of $19.99, meaning 5 million rentals…They also earned millions by charging $20 rentals for movies that had their theatrical runs cut short, like “The Hunt” and “The Invisible Man” 

According to TheHollywoodReporter, AMC theater chain is so upset it says it will no longer show Universal movies. Click here for more on AMC’s decision.

Would you be into this being a new normal, or do you still like going to the theater?


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