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Lisa Raye is peeling her foot out her mouth, this morning, after a clip of her making an ignorant comment in response to a question about Blue Ivy’s natural hair, is going viral. In case you missed it, Blue Ivy’s natural hair has been the topic of conversation after resurfaced tweets from Saucy Santana reminded fans he once called her hair “nappy.” Santana refused to apologize and even tweeted, he’d continue to talk about certain celebs in private. Wrong and strong applies to him and now Lisa Raye.

During a segment on Fox Soul, Vivica A. Fox asked LisaRaye how she would react if another celebrity publically called her granddaughter’s hair nappy, to which LisaRay responded, “He couldn’t say that about baby Bella, because she doesn’t have nappy hair.”

Record scratch.

Her co-hosts were clearly not expecting that answer and responded with perplexed facial expressions. “It doesn’t make a difference, it’s a child,” Raye’s co-host Vivica A. Fox quipped. Raye went on to say, she doesn’t think the Carters care about Saucy Santana’s comments.

This isn’t the first time Lisa Raye has been called out for controversial comments when she defended host Rob Lederman, who said ” I will never go to a Serena Williams level, but I’m very comfortable at a Halle Berry level.” She responded, “What I heard was an opinion. I heard that he’s saying that he won’t go as far as a dark-skinned Black woman. He’s comfortable with going with the color of a Halle Berry. What’s wrong with that?”

She also made headlines when she defended Danileigh’s “Yellow Bone” song. “I’m light skin, I’m a redbone, I’m a yellow bone, I’m boney,” she said.

Raye’s co-host Claudia Jordan said what we were all thinking, “saying Blue Ivy has nappy hair is ridiculous.”


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