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In today’s episode of You Just Can’t Trump Trump’s Audacity, y’all’s former president recently had the Tang-flavored gall to fix his sphincter-shaped lips to speak on the imprisonment of WNBA star Brittney Griner, and I just…God, I hate this guy.

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According to Rolling Stone, Donald Trump made an appearance on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show podcast Friday, during which he weighed in on reports that the U.S. made an offer to trade Griner and U.S. Marine Paul Whelan for Viktor Bout, a convicted Russian arms trafficker. Trump, of course, got really sanctimonious when talking about somebody who didn’t inspire a whole domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol.  

“She knew you don’t go in there loaded up with drugs, and she admitted it,” Trump said. “I assume she admitted it without too much force because it is what it is, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a very good trade, does it? He’s absolutely one of the worst in the world, and he’s gonna be given his freedom because a potentially spoiled person goes into Russia loaded up with drugs.”

“She went in there loaded up with drugs into a hostile territory where they’re very vigilant about drugs,” he continued. “They don’t like drugs. And she got caught. And now we’re supposed to get her out—and she makes, you know, a lot of money, I guess. We’re supposed to get her out for an absolute killer and one of the biggest arms dealers in the world. Killed many Americans. Killed many people.”

Trump really sounds like he’s never read a news article past the headline, doesn’t he? Three times, he repeated the words “loaded up with drugs” to describe Griner getting caught with vape cartridges that contained cannabis oil. You wouldn’t say that a shoplifter committed grand larceny if all they stole were a few candy bars. But Trump described Griner like she was a mule for El Chapo for the same reason he kept trying to make “China virus” a thing: He’s an old white bigot. That’s it.

And don’t get me started on the Minute Maid-flavored caucasity he put on full display when he called Griner a “potentially spoiled person. How TF is this silver spoon trust fund baby who spent months throwing an entire temper tantrum after losing his reelection bid—a tantrum that turned into a propaganda campaign that INSPIRED AN ENTIRE TERRORIST ATTACK ON A GOVERNMENT BUILDING!

Hell, Trump didn’t even know what he was talking about in regards to Bout, who—terrible human being though he may be—was never convicted of killing people. Bout was convicted of a host of charges related to arms smuggling and conspiracy to kill Americans—which he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for—but he has not personally “killed many Americans” or “killed many people. Unless what Trump means is that the guns Bout smuggled “killed many people”—but booooy would that fly in the face of the right-wing “guns don’t kill people” narrative.

Anyway, according to Rolling Stone, “the (Biden) administration has not directly confirmed the arms dealer was part of the offer,” and “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that ‘so far, there is no agreement on this issue’ of the trade.” 

At the end of the day, Griner is facing up to 10 years in prison for something no one should spend a day in prison for, regardless of what country they’re in. And if you find yourself on the same side of this argument as Donald f****** Trump, you might want to reevaluate.


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