Wisconsin Man Allegedly Beats Black Woman

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Something really needs to be done in America about rabid white men who think they can do whatever they want because they’re dangerous to the public and our justice system just keeps treating them like they’re boys who will be boys.

In Appleton, Wisconsin, a Black woman was attacked by a white man who appeared to have a problem with her *checks notes* walking in an alley, so he chose to confront her and then attack her when she started filming her.


According to Madison 365, Steven Huss, 54, turned himself in Friday and was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, and robbery with the use of force, a class E felony. Here’s what his victim said happened, according to the report:

Natasha Fuller, 22, said she was out walking Friday afternoon to relax after a hard day and walked into Kimball Alley, just south of College Avenue. Listening to music on AirPods, she wasn’t immediately aware of Huss pulling his truck up behind her until he honked his horn. She told Madison365 in an interview Saturday that she stepped to the side, and he pulled the truck in front of her as if to block her way or force her off the alley. That’s when Fuller said he got out of the truck and approached aggressively, and Fuller pulled out her cell phone.

“I didn’t think he was gonna get out of his car. And that’s when I started recording,” she said. “I just thought I was gonna be like him yelling at me. Fine. At least I would have proof. I didn’t think he was going to put his hands on me. I’m trying to record his license plate and get whatever information and then he sees me recording and I think that’s what triggered him. He reaches for my phone and he just grabbed my braids and slammed me to the ground and started wailing on me like we’re both two men in a barfight.”

In the video, Huss can be heard asking Fuller what she was doing walking in the middle of the alley—because he’s clearly just another white man in America who thinks he’s in charge wherever he is and is entitled to stop and interrogate Black people who are minding their own mother f***** business. The video also catches him calling Fuller a “b*tch” during the struggle. I mean, according to Fuller, she stepped aside when Huss honked. All he had to do was drive around her and keep it moving. Instead, he felt the need to cut her off, get out of his car and assert his non-authority, which, of course, ended in violence.

According to the police report, Huss took Fuller’s phone and put it in his truck, then when Fuller went to retrieve her phone, he assaulted her again. Huss told the police that he saw Fuller recording him and he was “afraid of being on the internet.” He also told the cops he had been stressed out lately as if that excuses him attacking a Black pedestrian for no other reason than her temporarily and unknowingly blocking his way.

He didn’t want to be the subject of another viral video—so he decided to attack her while the camera was recording. Got it. 

The real question is, how is the beating up of a woman by a man only a misdemeanor charge? How is it that this Black woman’s phone being taken away produced a heftier charge than her being physically beaten? If a Black man beat the hell out of a white woman…you know what—never mind.

The police report indicated that the attack wasn’t racially motivated because Fuller didn’t recall any racial slurs being used, but she correctly said that doesn’t mean there was no discriminatory bias.

“I definitely think it’s a hate crime, whether it’s women, whether it’s towards black people or black women … I don’t know,” she said. “(Maybe he was) just having a bad day. Okay. But so was I, and I just went for a walk. I didn’t treat someone mercilessly in an alleyway.”

I mean, he clearly called her a “b*tch.” Also, it’s hard to believe this coward would have approached a man this aggressively. Although, according to the police report, he did have a gun on him. Guns tend to give men like this artificial bravery.

Meanwhile, Fuller was treated at St. Elizabeth Hospital for lacerations and a mild concussion, according to 365, and Huss made his first court appearance Monday.


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