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Plus size women should wear black because it is slimming.

I could write a list as long as the line outside TJ Maxx in Atlanta of all the things society says plus size women aren’t supposed to wear. We are without question a big deal (pun intended) and are expected to reduce our fashion sense because of narrow-minded body-shaming haters, which means shying away from clothing that is bright, form-fitting or animal prints.

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In the event that you missed the memo, curvy girls slay with the best of them. We wear what we want. We have totally evolved from those fat and frumpy days when we hid our curves beneath shapeless garments made of downright ugly floral prints. We are styling and wowing in clothing that showcases the bold, beautiful, and unapologetic bad-ass women we are. We aren’t afraid to take fashion risks or walk on the wild side because we now welcome being seen and heard.

Speaking of walking on the wild side, every curvy girl should own a little leopard in her wardrobe. However, you could always take a page out of the blogger/stylist NikkiFree’s book and have an entire capsule collection of leopard pieces. I mean really sis, if you don’t get your Carole Baskin on, who will (just don’t feed anyone to the tigers)?

Now I know that leopard can be a little intimidating for individuals who are as committing to doing that most like my girl Nikki (and myself) but we got you, sis.

Check out a few tips that should help you gain the confidence needed to slay in leopard prints on any occasion.


Animal prints are busy and can be a little be wild. Tame the look by sticking to clothing with clean lines for a classic and elegant look that also fun and attention-grabbing. A leopard shirt dress paired with a cute pair of strappy heels is a sleek look that’s not too fussy, but oh so cute.


The key to success here is to stay within the same color family, and pair one smaller print with one larger print. Balance the look by wearing the larger print on top and the smaller one on the bottom for a slimming effect. Add a solid color belt or cardigan to tame the look a little.


While you can wear leopard with leopard (see tip #2), don’t wear leopard with zebra and snake prints. Adding other patterns to one animal print, even if subtly, can overwhelm your look, and you end up looking like a zookeeper. Pick one component of your outfit to be the statement and find it in an animal print variety.


When choosing an animal print, leopard is a great choice because it is packed with neutral colors, making it super easy to style. And remember leopard print is now also considered a new neutral.


If you’ve never worn animal print, start small and build based on your level of comfort. Don’t be intimidated. The most important thing is to have fun with your look.

Oh and remember, fashion is nothing until you apply your own personal style. Dress your curves according to your own standards and not society’s. Lastly, remember that everything looks great on a confident woman.


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