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A Black woman took to the internet with a startling video that captured a white man hurling racist insults at her as he allegedly stole gas from her pre-paid pump. Now, social media users have rallied together to get the unidentified man suspended from his job.

The short video which was reposted by ATL Uncensored News, shows a white man donning a work shirt from a company called ENTEK fueling his company van at the Black woman’s pump. According to reports, the incident occurred at a QuikTrip in North Druid Hills, Georgia.

As the woman filmed the man taking gas from her pump, the suspect threatened to “smash” her hand. He also called her “a Black b—h” and mumbled something about “white privilege.”

“He’s trying to steal my money off the thing because I already prepaid,” the woman said before the worker verbally harassed her.

Over the weekend, the clip went viral across Twitter and Instagram with many demanding for ENTEK to take action against the disgruntled employee. ENTEK appears to be a manufacturing company based in Buford, Georgia, the Atlanta Black Star noted.

“Everyone who watches this, please call ENTEK at 770-449-1222,” one Twitter user wrote blasting the company’s number. “Report this racist. He needs to be fired. Who does this????”

While another person asked:

“Yo, #ENTEK, deal with your gas-stealing, racist employee before your company becomes famous by association. Is this your company standard?”

Other social media users flocked to the company’s Google page to sound off about the suspect’s racist behavior.

After the backlash grew loud, ENTEK’s president Pat Burrows released a statement on Linkedin condemning the worker’s actions. Burrows said the worker would be placed “on unpaid leave” until the company finishes investigating the incident.

“We have received numerous calls and messages regarding one of our employees and a recent incident. We are currently investigating this important situation internally,” Burrows’s statement said. “We do NOT in any way condone acts of racism or disregard of others property and require all employees to treat everyone fairly with professionalism, dignity, and respect.”

Gas theft has been on the rise as a result of soaring inflation and Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Gas owners across the country have been hit by savvy scammers who have stolen thousands of dollars worth of fuel.  Mandeep Singh, a gas station owner in Duncanville, Texas told CNN that thieves made off with $27,000 worth of gas in March.

“This guy must be working for some type of gas dispenser company because he had way too much information,” Singh said, noting how the thieves “can take parts out (of the gas dispensers) and play with the system”.  He added, “No normal person can do it; the only person who can do that is someone who actually works for dispensers.”

In Houston, Texas a group of scammers parked their minivan over a gas tank fuel stealing 1,000 gallons of diesel through a hidden trap door. Jerry Thayil, the owner of the Fuqua Express station, where the incident occurred, said the robbers pulled off the elaborate scheme over a three-day period.

Police have advised drivers across the country to purchase a locking gas cap and to park in well-lit areas to avoid gas theft.


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