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Megan Thee Stallion might become the latest star to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This week, the rising femcee sat down for a candid chat with The Cut to talk about her meteoric rise to fame and personal evolution. But some fans couldn’t help but notice the end of the interview when the magazine hinted at Meg potentially joining the cast of a popular MCU show.

“For now, she has been cast in Marvel’s ‘She-Hulk’ and A24’s musical comedy ‘F–king Identical Twins,” the final paragraph of the article read.

Neither Meg nor her representatives have confirmed the news just yet, but during the interview, the rapper said she was ready to explore a few more of her god-given talents, like acting and directing.

“When I look at them, it inspires me to take it further than just music,” she said, referring to inspirations such as Queen Latifah and Ice Cube. “I don’t feel like I’m only going to be an actress — I feel like I’m also going to be a director and I’m also going to be a producer.”

Meg’s set to star in F–king Identical Twins musical

For now, stans of the Houston Hottie are squirming in their seats to see the celeb shine in A24’s musical comedy, F–king Identical Twins. The film follows two business rivals who discover that they’re identical twins. The siblings decide to swap places to trick their divorced parents into getting back together. It sounds kinda like The Parent Trap, if you ask us.

Meg will star alongside Nathan Lane and Bowen Yang in the film, but details about her role in the flick have been scarce. Whatever it is, we know the star is going to absolutely crush it.

While speaking about her burgeoning onscreen career, Thee Stallion said she hopes Hollywood taps her to do Bring It On reboot someday.

“I always have wanted to be Isis,” she said of her dreams to portray Gabrielle Union’s famous character from the 2000 hit film. “I would be perfect for that. If they were ever to make a new Bring It On, I should be that character.”



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