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Kandi Burruss took to Instagram to show off her glowing, fresh face and share her secrets to regrowing her edges after excessive thinning.

Taking to the platform, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star went make up free with a slicked back pony tail and shared a quick IG Reel of herself sharing her hair regrowth secret with her followers. “Time for a hair change, this pony tail has outlasted its welcome,” she started saying in the video. She then continued, “But why we’re doing it, can we see these edges? These are not the edges that you whip out and pay for. These are the edges that are God given, honey. These edges are courtesy of Kalediscope miracle drops,” she explained while pointing to her edges and showing them off in the selfie style video.

The beauty then went on to explain how the hair drops helped her regrow her edges and make them even thicker and fuller than before. “I started using these hair dorps and my edges started thickening up. Check them out! Because it was looking a little scary for a second.”

She then shared even more details in the video’s caption, writing, “Listen! My edges were thinning bad before I started using these #miraclesdrops from @kaleidoscopehairproducts but now my edges are thickening back up! 🙌🏾 @darealbbjudy I don’t know what you put in this bottle but the miracle is working. 😁

Check out the video below.

Looks like BB Judy a.k.a Jesseca Harris-Dupart’s miracle drops have worked wonders for Kandi’s healthy hair! We’ll take, two!

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