The teen is on her way to be done with college before finishing high school.

We have seen people attend and graduate college at a young age. However, I can’t remember the last time I saw anybody graduate from college before they even finished high school.

That is what 14-year-old Amber Bennett did after she graduated with an associate degree from  Cuyahoga Community College. She accomplished this before finishing out her freshman year in high school.


It’s all thanks to the Tri-C’s College Credit Plus program that gives students the change to earn college credit while attending high school.

It’s really a great program for you know students who are motivated,” explained Bennett’s counselor Matt Kasl. “They can go ahead and use as an opportunity to complete their college credit and earn those high school credits at the same time.

Bennett added that her parents were a big help and support system to push her to achieve this accomplishment.

My mother, oh my goodness, she’s such a big help. She is very very very proud. She loves education and she actually graduated Tri-C a couple times as well. My dad he helps me, he drives me to and from school… and my uncle  he inspired me to go into psychology.

Bennett is on her way to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in 2023 before she graduates from high school.

You go girl!

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