Herschel Walker Campaigns For Senator Of Georgia With Nikki Haley

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Welp, it appears that the wide world of right-wing hypocrisy has gone into full damage control mode after the Daily Beast ran a damning article claiming so-called pro-life Senate candidate Herschel Walker once paid for a girlfriend’s abortion, and after Walker’s son, Christian Walker, dragged his daddy across the internet essentially calling him a violent absentee father who “left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence.”

It’s no surprise that Republican leaders and pundits DGAF about Walker possibly having paid for an abortion or the fact that, according to his own son, he’s basically a cheating, secret children-spreading Ike Turner on steroids. The GOP just wants to win control of the Senate and they know their new favorite Blacky-lackey with the intellectual capacity of a stripped screw is the key to doing that.

And some of them have zero problems admitting as much.

“I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate,” said conservative radio host and former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.

Here’s Newt Gingrich saying he thinks “Walker is the most important Senate candidate in the country because he’ll do more to change the Senate…by his deep commitment to Christ.”

Someone should remind The Gingrich Who Stole Christian Aesthetic that he’s a serial adulterer, that a country comprised of people of a multitude of faiths (and lack thereof) shouldn’t be run according to a “deep commitment to Christ,” and that, even if the last thing weren’t true, Walker’s opponent in the Senate race, Sen. Raphael Warnock, is a literal minister, who, unlike Walker, is not tied to any salacious scandals.

Meanwhile, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, First Baptist Church Atlanta’s senior pastor, Anthony George, led a group of evangelical “Christians” in prayer on behalf of Herschel Sinner…I mean, Walker on Tuesday. 

From AJC:

In video of the closed-door event reviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, George called the GOP Senate nominee, “Our fellow conqueror, our brother, our friend.”

George prayed as about 75 “prayer warriors for Herschel” circled Walker with their hands outstretched.

“Lord, we know this is a battle he’s facing. It’s more vicious than any sports field he’s ever played on. This is the fight of his life, holy God,” George said. “We ask you to rebuke the devil … Satan will not get the victory. We know, whatever the results of this election, Herschel wins.”

First of all—”Our fellow conqueror?” Did George just call Walker a fellow colonizer? I mean, it’s perfectly fitting, but still.

Also, I love how everything is “the devil” to an evangelical “Christian.” If Walker—a pathological liar, domestic violence perpetrator and probable adulterer who might have paid for an abortion—doesn’t win a political race against a reverend of a different political ideology, well, that’s just the devil’s work, amirite? 

Anyway, on Wednesday, Herschel responded to his son’s attacks against him in his usual nonsensical and non sequitur way.

“The damage he’s doing, he’s letting people know that the left will do whatever they can to win this seat, and I told you when I got in this race I’m gonna win this seat,” Walker said.

There’s no point in asking what the hell “the left” has to do with his demonstrably right-wing son’s social media diss track series against his father. It doesn’t have to make sense. Herschel is a puppet with a white nationalist hand up his bum and he simply isn’t smart enough to form a narrative that breaches the margins of right-wing platitudes.

And that’s exactly why the GOP wants so desperately for him to win. Their African American lapdog who mirrors the anti-intellectualism of their MAGA base is their ticket to a Senate majority, and that’s all he ever needs to be. He can pay for all the abortions he wants as long as he wins and he stays in line. Nothing else matters. Nothing else has ever mattered.


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