Americans Head To The Polls To Vote In The 2022 Midterm Elections

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It’s general election season and often things have changed in our lives that could change how we vote or where we vote.  Below you’ll find info on where you can vote and what you will need in order to vote.

Where to vote:

  • If you don’t where to vote the state has a website where you can look up where your polling location.  Click here to find out

What for of ID do I need to vote: (according to

Photo ID: Any document issued by the U.S. government or the State of Ohio that includes ALL of the following is an acceptable photo identification:

  • An expiration date that has not passed;
  • A photograph of the voter;
  • The voter’s name, which must substantially conform to the voter’s name as it appears in the Poll List or in the Poll Book; and
  • The voter’s current address, which must substantially conform to the voter’s address as it appears in the Poll List or in the Poll Book UNLESS the ID is an Ohio driver’s license or state ID card.

    NOTICE: An unexpired Ohio Driver License, State ID Card, or Interim Documentation with your former address IS an ACCEPTABLE form of ID when your current address is in the pollbook.

If the voter changed their name and provides proof of the legal name change, completes and signs Form 10-L, and is registered within the precinct, the voter’s name as it appears on the photo ID may or may not be the voter’s reported change of name.

  1. Military ID: Valid military identification cards or copies of such cards must be accepted regardless of whether they contain a name or address. However, this form of ID must still allow a precinct election official to determine that it is the military ID card of the person who is presenting it for the purpose of voting.
    1. Utility Bill: A utility bill is a statement of fees owed and/or paid for services, and includes, but is not limited to, water, sewer, electric, heating, cable, internet, telephone and cellular telephone services. A valid utility bill may show a $0.00 balance or no amount owed.
    2. Bank Statement: A bank statement includes, but is not limited to, a statement from any financial or brokerage institution.
    3. Government Check: A government check includes, but is not limited to, a paycheck, check stub or receipt provided for direct deposit of funds issued by any level of government (known as “political subdivision”) in Ohio, or for any other state, or the United States government.
    4. Paycheck: A paycheck includes a paycheck, check stub or receipt provided for the direct deposit of wages or earnings from any public or private employer.

      For the forms of ID listed in 3-6 above, the following rules for determining their validity apply:

      • The document may be a printout of an electronically transmitted copy or regular paper copy.
      • The name and address on the document must conform to the voter’s information as it appears in the Poll Book.
      • The document must be current within 12 months of the Election Day for which the voter is presenting it.
    5. Other Government Document: Must contain the correct name and current address of voter.

If you voted Absentee you can also track your ballot.  Click here to select the county where you vote.

Ohio also provides a sample ballot if you would like to see it before you head to the polls.  Click here to see that.

Remember if there are any questions about voting or you have an issue to report contact your local board of elections as soon as possible!


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