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I stan a strong Black woman about her business, which inherently makes me a Rihanna fan. Duh. When I first heard about Savage x Fenty, I was intrigued but hesitant to place an order simply because I’m a plus size woman and I can’t just go purchase under garments, especially bras, online.

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I happened to be on birthday trip with my best friend and cousin and noticed her walking around our room in the prettiest black bra I had ever seen. I immediately asked where she got it from and she carelessly muttered Savage as she walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I was convinced I would give them a try. I mean I was in love with that bra. Upon our return home, I plopped in front of my laptop to look for my breast’s new home. I didn’t see the bra she had but stumbled upon another black and brown one that looked like they could fit the bill. I answered the questionnaire and purchased the items they suggested. I even signed up to be VIP, something I rarely do, to benefit from the extra discounts.

Then it happened, the package arrived. It was a pretty pink box with a bold X in the middle with Savage and Fenty on the top and bottom of the letter. The tissue paper that help my items were dressed in the same logo. I couldn’t wait to try them on. The material was soft, very soft. I noticed the fabric under the arms stretched but not very much. I tossed the straps over my shoulders and slid the hooks into place, adjusted the “girls” and we were in. It felt great. I looked into the mirror and was instantly excited. I got dressed and hours later I regretted the decision. Under my arms and around the base began to hurt. It was uncomfortable and I needed it off. It was weird, I mean my breast felt amazing. I plopped back in front of my laptop and ordered a size up.

The second packaged arrived. I ripped through the tissue paper. At last, I was free and the “girls” had their new home. This time the elastic stretched more and I was excited. Once again, I slipped it on and fastened it in the back. This time my underarms felt perfect but the “girls” felt like they were moving around which if you are a woman like me that likes them to sit up and out it was disappointing. Basically Savage X Fenty wasn’t the perfect fit for me, but I was pleased with the appearance even if that means deeming it a bedroom bra… you know what I mean, a bra only good enough to be taken off. Wink wink. 

While Ri Ri may need to revisit adding some more elastic to her bigger bust bras, I’m rooting for her to win. I love opening my Savage e-mails and seeing plus size women who look like me wearing sexy lingerie. So all is not lost. I know Rihanna will get it right. She’s a West Indian woman and with a sharp tongue and quick wit. Patiently, I wait.


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