Today is a day of love and most like to express their love in the form of gifts, well after sitting with my love experts #JustBurrs and #StoweShow we’ve compiled a list of things you should never ever give the person you love or lust after.

10. A used gift card

9.  A bouquet of yard flowers or dandelions

8.  A Christmas Gift from 2 months ago

7.  A Funeral reef that says  “I Love You”

6.  Raw uncooked fish

5.  Pre Poked Condoms

4.  A Box Of Chocolates And Every Chocolate Has Been Bitten

3.  A Pregnancy Test From Someone You Just Met

2.  A Paternity Test From Your X

1.  VD / STD / STI


Never and I mean never give any of these gifts for Valentine’s Day

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