Anthony Brennan III

Source: Maryland-National Capital Park Police-Montgomery County Division

The bicyclist who was recorded on video attacking teenagers in Maryland for putting up posters to raise awareness about police brutality has been arrested and consequently got fired from his job. The unidentified kids were doing their part to seek justice in the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis when a white man riding his bike stopped, got off and physically assaulted the children while trying to snatch the posters away from them on Monday.

The video ultimately went viral resulting in the Maryland-National Capital Park Police Department on Friday arresting Anthony Brennan III, a 60-year-old resident of the town of Kensington. Brennan was charged with three counts of second-degree assault.

It was announced later in the day that Brennan had been fired from his job as a vice president with MadeToOrder, a company that says it specializes in creative sourcing and sales of branded products.

In case you missed it, the video showed Brennan acting reprehensibly around and toward children who were doing something positive in their community. It starts out showing Brennan, gripping an apparent handful of the posters, stalking toward an apparent child holding more of posters before an adult voice off-camera can be heard yelling, Hey! Leave her alone!”

That prompted Brennan to do a 180 and go after another apparent child holding posters behind him.

Another voice off-camera yells, “Do not touch her!” A male voice yelled, “Leave her alone! But Brennan ignored both and proceeded to grab the child and tried to violently yank the posters away from her. That’s when someone enters the frame and steps in between the girl and Brennan, yelling, “Get off of her!”

Brennan simply responded by saying, “Fuck you.”

He then got his bike and seemingly tried to use it as a weapon by lunging it at the person filming the entire episode, forcing that person to drop the cellphone that was recording Brennan.

Watch the video below.

The swift action against the wannabe vigilante came nearly two weeks after a white woman called police on a Black man who asked her to abide by the law and put her dog on a leash in Central Park. The woman, later identified as Amy Cooper, presented herself as the victim and called police to report “an African American man” who she said was “threatening” her. Cooper’s clearly racist actions were condemned widely, leading her employer to fire her from her lucrative job at a hedge fund.

This is America.


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