Can you name a nail design classier than the french? As a DIY Queen, I had to put my own spin on the classic manicure. Let’s get into this nude glitter french!

I soaked off my old set with acetone and nail foils. Once they were gone, I removed any unwanted cuticles from the nail plate. Taking time to properly prep the nail for extensions is crucial for long-lasting sets.

I used Apre´s long stiletto tips for maximum drama. Flash cure each finger for ten seconds, and once all ten tips are applied, cure for 60 seconds under the big UV lamp.

Now it’s time for color! For the base, I used one coat of sheer peach polish and a sheer pink for the second coat. Both colors are from a set of six I purchased on Amazon. The pink and peach combo is giving OPI bubble bath vibes for a fraction of the price!

Next, I applied a neutral bone shade for the french tip. Nail Tik Tok taught me an easy way to get the perfect French shape. Draw a line down the center and connect the left and right sides. With gel polish, if you mess up, you can wipe it off and try again.

Now it’s time for the glitter. I painted it straight from the bottle on top of the nude french. If you want to be real fancy, use a nail art brush for more precision. Cure the glitter polish, then add a thin layer of top coat. Cure that one last time and apply cuticle oil. And now, your grippers are ready for grabbing!


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