Micah Dixon Maternity Photo Shoot

Source: TP Cinematography / TP Cinematography

I just had to vent and open up about the people You and I look up to, who are suppose to be there to guide us through troubling times.

Trust I understand that no one is a saint, I also understand that these celebrities need to seek some PR help before they open their mouth about such an sensitive movement such as Black Lives Matter.

If it isn’t Trina Rockstar calling black people animals, or Drew Brees downplaying the color of his own teammates as if a black man being killed by cops isn’t such a big deal, and then APOLOGIZING for it!

I have had it with the CEO’s, Politicians, Celebrities, Artist, Influencers speaking without having their research done. They must not know how foolish they look to have to swallow the words they once said after they feel, the black people won’t support them.

Just know this celebrities, and Big Time people, we see you, and its obvious you’ve made your heart clear!

Just needed to vent thanks for reading!


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