Listen To Black Women Season 2 Big Zen Energy

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Season three of MADAMENOIRE’s Listen To Black Women is finally here, and the ladies are checking in with themselves to set a few intentions for the New Year.

In episode one, hosts Chriss Miss, Tiffany Nicole Ervin, Jessie Woo and Taryn Finley sit down for a candid chat about prioritizing zen and setting boundaries to protect their spiritual and physical energy.

The ladies discuss their ideal versions of zen, and how they strive to maintain clarity and peace when work and life become stressful. Whether it’s staying off social media, taking a nice tropical vacation, or going outside into nature for a long walk, the ladies share tips on how they best alleviate stress when times get tough.

Wellness is also a key component to achieving peace and clarity for the girls. Further along in the episode, Chriss, Nicole, Jessie and Taryn share how they plan to prioritize wellness this year and what boundaries they believe need to be tightened to protect their mental and physical health. They also discuss self-improvement and the parts of themselves they plan to say goodbye to in 2023.

Watch the full episode below:



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