Jade Cargill

Source: Courtesy of Allelite Wrestling / Allelite Wrestling

Beauty and strength go hand in hand with TBS Champ and professional wrestler, Jade Cargill. Not only is she a glamorous athlete undefeated with  54-0 winning streak, she also stuns outside of the ring.

“I have achieved wrestling stardom MY way, just as I have done with everything in my life. I launched my wrestling career at 28 after giving birth to my daughter Bailey three years earlier,” Cargill told us in an exclusive interview. “In the past, my athletic success was defined by my time as a D1 basketball player. I also am a nutritionist and certified child psychologist – this all before storming onto the AEW scene.”

Cargill’s goal to be the best is what motivates her daily. As a mother, she wants to show the endless possibilities of fulfilling their purpose.

Jade Cargill

Source: Courtesy of Allelite Wrestling / Allelite Wrestling

“Simply stated, I was driven and will continue to be driven to succeed as a wrestler and to inspire moms everywhere. My message is clear women have the power to achieve their dreams and still be the moms they’ve always wished to be. I orchestrated my arrival on the wrestling scene in a big way. I debuted by tag teaming with none other than NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Less than 25 months later, I still have not lost, consistently headlines Friday Night Rampage on TBS, and is AEW TBS Champion. Bottom line, with focus and drive, you can do whatever your heart desires,” she explained.

The Glamour Girl

Wrestling might not feel glamorous while in action, but Cargill makes it look like a red-carpet event. Whether she’s in the ring or hitting the pavement, her makeup is beat to perfection, not a single hair is out of place, and her style is always on point.

She’s worn her signature silver hair for some time, which suits her persona. In fact, the undefeated wrestler would love to explore acting, and this look resembles her ideal role. “I dream of one day being casted as Storm! I’ve done cosplay as her,” she exclaimed.

Adding acting to her roster is an easy transition for the star. “I take acting classes. I am on TV weekly. TBS on Wednesday nights at 8 pm and TNT on Friday nights at 10 pm. I am ready!” she added.

The Strength of a woman

Jade Cargill

Source: Courtesy of Allelite Wrestling / Allelite Wrestling

Authenticity and dedication got Cargill this far, and she’s only going up from here. Her strength is undeniable, both literally and figuratively. For her, being a powerful woman is found in “How I hold myself, my grace, my determination, drive, confidence, and poise,” she said. “I come from a household of strong women! Strong, determined women who have taught me the ways of life and to ALWAYS hold my head high. Most importantly, my daughter. She is always watching and I want her to see she can do WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO DO IN THIS LIFE.”

“I came into this industry with no training and no wrestling background. I played collegiate and overseas pro basketball for some years but nothing related to wrestling. It was all a mindset that took years of training from being an athlete. I also am a certified child psychologist – again, nothing about wrestling. Pro wrestling is not easy! However, rather than taking it as ‘defeat’ – I took it as a challenge and still am. My first match ever was on live TV with Shaq! I learn something about myself every match. But I love it. Where else can you curse out a crowd, throw two middle fingers up, and people love you? My job! All while being a phenomenal, active mother!”

Cargill has met challenges throughout her career despite her success. She is a Black woman in an industry that does quite understand the multilayered experience of our world. “My biggest hurdle I would say is getting more people in my industry to understand THE black woman. We are unapologetically us. Shine bright as always and live in OUR truth,” she said.

Jade Cargill

Source: Courtesy of Allelite Wrestling / Allelite Wrestling

Looking back on her journey, Cargill is proud of the firm foundation she’s built for herself. She created her path by following her own rules. While she is proud of her progress, there’s advice she’d like to share with her younger self. “Stay focused. Keep your head held high, and take your time. You are on the right track. Give yourself GRACE. Breathe! God would NEVER give you anything you cannot bare! You’re more powerful than you think. Stay true. Your grandmother was always right,” she said.

You can keep up with Jade every Wednesday night at 8 pm on TBS, and Friday night at 10 pm on TNT. Follow her on Instagram for some beauty and fashion inspiration!


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