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Thursday evening (March 30) rising rapper BTB Savage was reportedly shot to death in the River Oaks area of Houston while in his vehicle. His murder took place just hours after he “trolled” a now-deceased man who tried to rob him.

In an interview that premiered on VladTV earlier this week, the rapper went into great detail about the robbery attempt. According to BTB, he was offered cash for a guest verse on a song, but when the men came to his San Antonio home, they attempted to rob him.

BTB said the energy felt off from the moment the two men entered his home and when one left to get something from his car, BTB locked the door behind him, leaving him alone with the other man. At that point, the man pulled out a gun and a long battle occurred, resulting in the man being shot to death by BTB’s girlfriend.

Check out the interview below.

Hours before his death, the rapper posted a pair of bloody photos of himself standing in the very spot where he and his girlfriend fought for their lives against the would-be robber.

You can see those photos here.

A story by Houston’s ABC13 appears to confirm the rapper’s death, as videos of the crime scene match the details of their report of a shooting death that occurred in the streets of Houston the same day BTB Savage was murdered.

From ABC13:

Witnesses told police the unidentified victim, described as a Black man in his 20s, was driving a white Mercedes, when the suspects drove up in a black Subaru vehicle. Multiple shots were fired, and then two suspects got out of the vehicle and fled on San Felipe in an unknown direction.

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