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From hair care products and accessories, to extensions, wigs, and every strand in between, the Black hair market contributes billions of dollars to this nation’s economy. Black women take pride in their hair as an extension of our lifestyle and way to display our expression. So there’s plenty of room for an artist who embodies both beauty and expression — Da Brat — to enter the hair care space.

Da Brat made her foray into hair care guided by her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart, the boss beauty behind the  Kaleidoscope brand. The power couple, who are expecting a new arrival to their blended family, and expanding their business portfolio with Da Brat Collection.

Both Dupart and Da Brat have been making it their mission to provide for the community and supply hair care products that not only helps your hair look good, but keeps it healthy as well. With countless how-to videos on social media and the increase in hair influencers, it has been encouraged more for women to embrace their curls and coils. Being a natural girly cause for women to establish new hair care routines and hair experimentation, style wise. One thing that Dupart has expressed, is the misconception on how natural hair works for different people. The hair expert was able to give some advice for women to keep in mind when taking care of their natural hair.

“I’ve been a professional hairstylist for years. Someone suggested that I should sell products at the time and I didn’t know if I wanted to go in that direction at the time. But one day, one of my regular clients went to another hair stylist and came back with a small patch of hair loss. So that inspired me to think about if I were to start selling products, the first thing I wanted to sell was to help with hair loss.” Dupart says in a HelloBeautiful exclusive interview.

Dupart is a natural hair guru who put her talents to good use and became a licensed hairstylist. After making a name for herself, Dupart decided to start a new venture and launched Kaleidoscope Hair Products in 2018. Kaleidoscope has been changing the game with their hair care collections that cater to all kinds of needs that people may have when it comes to their natural hair. Within the brand, the CEO recently launched the new Protect Yo’ Style collection. This collection was inspired by her wife and legendary Chicago rapper, Da Brat, that focuses on maintaining the health of your hair underneath iconic protective styles. Today, Kaleidoscope Hair Products, is now a multi-million-dollar business and is available in retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and Sally Beauty.

“I think that some people are misinformed about the need to overuse products and not take into account maintaining a healthy diet. I feel like people will see someone style their hair a certain way and they do not take into account the type of hair they have or their hair care routine. I wish people would be more mindful that different products work for different people in different ways. You have to know what works for you individually. Not based on the recent fad or what is trendy.”, Dupart states.

Running a business as a married couple, you can imagine there is always a need to find balance and practice self-care. Whatever routine you do for your hair that makes you feel extra special, is a form of self care. Dupart and Da Brat share what their favorite at-home hair care practices are that makes them feel relaxed and recharged.

Judy: “People like to call it the wash and go, but it’s not that. I like to shampoo my hair a few times. Then, I deep condition it and blow dry it until it is 80% dry. After I blow dry it, I put the products on my hair to make it curly. The reason I do not try to bring out the curls while it’s wet is because your hair is at its shortest state. I want my curls to be at a longer length.”

Da Brat: “I love my scalp being oiled. It is amazing [laughs]. It reminds you of when you used the tip of the rat tail comb to scratch your scalp back in the day.”

As Kaleidoscope Hair Products continues to grow and expand, so is the Dupart family. Earlier this year, the couple announced their pregnancy and recently revealed that they will be having a baby boy. When it comes to preparing for a new bundle of joy, it is important to pass down messages that you want children to remember for years to come. The expecting moms give their “black hair mantra” that they would like their new child to always know.

Judy: “I want it to be powerful and not be intimidating. I want our child to feel free with their hair and not feel restricted to stay in a box. I don’t want them to feel obligated to be or look a certain way.”

Da Brat: “I would say that your hair represents who you are. So I would tell them to be yourself and live your life. Whatever style you want, do it. Don’t be afraid of what other people may say about it. And stay away from all these chemicals!! [laughs]”


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