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Slang has become a vital part of Black American culture, and it evolves constantly. Every year, new words and phrases enter the lexicon, and old ones fall out of use. Some have become engrained in our daily vernacular, and others, are slowly carving a name for themselves in everyday language.

Between work and holding down the home front, Black parents may not always be aware of what their children are talking about with friends at school or online.

But it’s a no-brainer.

Young kids and teens are throwing around slang in their daily conversations left and right. Some of the words are completely harmless. But staying up to date with the latest vernacular may help parents to detect when something is wrong with their child, and it can prevent them from staying out of harm’s way.


 Here are some American slang terms that Black parents should know

  • Glizzy —  This popular slang term has two meanings. Some people use it when referencing a gun, specifically a Glock. But over the last year, young adults on social media have been using the word when referencing hot dogs.


  • Thicc — The term is often used to describe someone who has an attractive or curvy physique. If you see your child using the term online, it may be time to take that phone away.


  • Opp —  Anyone in competition or against you could be an “opp”. The popular slang word can also be used when talking about the police.


  • Tea — If you hear your child mentioning the word “tea,” they may be trying to get the scoop on some juicy drama or gossip. Even adults use this one in today’s culture.


  • ACAB — The acronym ACAB stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.” According to GQ, the term became popular in England among workers on strike in the 1940s. Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, the term went viral across the U.S. as a way to show opposition toward the police.


  • Ick or Ick Factor — The feeling you get when your attraction to someone is suddenly flipped to a feeling of disgust.


  • Eggplant — Slang for “penis.”


  • Chad —  You may have seen social media users throwing around the term “Chad” as of recently. No, they aren’t talking about a friend or a famous actor. A “Chad” is a sexually active “alpha male,” according to The Cut. “Chad” is often used to describe a guy that is full of himself and is somewhat of a playboy. “Chads” care greatly about their appearance and their physical strength.


  • Hulk —  Hulk is slowly becoming a term used among young adults. According to Bark, the rising slang word is used when referring to a 2mg generic benzodiazepine bar, which is green. Xanax is a popular form of benzodiazepine.


  • Netflix and chill — When two people get together to watch movies and hook up


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