Sheetz Gas Station And Convenience Store In Pennsylvania

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Sheetz has announced once again that it’s lowering its prices on its E85 (flex fuel) gas, this time it will be $1.85 a gallon for the rest of April!

Sheetz is known of showing their customers love at the pump.  Last summer and around Thanksgiving the chain lowered it’s prices on their 88 unleaded gasoline way below market price.

Sheetz has 375 gas stations in six states including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and North Carolina.  The discounted price for E85 flex fuel will be available at all locations that sell E85 gasoline.

Wondering if your car can take E85 gasoline?  Most cars that accept flex fuel have yellow gas caps or a badge that states it’s a flex fuel vehicle.  If you don’t see any of that you can click here to see if your car is compatible with this type of gasoline.

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Looking for a Sheetz gas station near you?  Click here to find one

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