ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE! The Guys made it!!! I Hate The Homies Episode 52

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It’s the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! The guys made it a full year bringing you the funniest hot takes and sports news.


  • The Fellas talk about their Mother’s for Mother’s Day 02:50
  • JAH MORANT is about to be a name you don’t know!!!! 05:35
  • SUPA DAVE found the elixir to make you TALLER (kinda lol) 18:33
  • NBA PLAYOFFS are down to the FINAL FOUR 26:28
  • The NFL Schedules were released … RAIDERS / COWBOYS / LIONS lets go! 44:53

About The Show

Ask Yourself….. Why do “I HATE THE HOMIES” Podcast? After listening to ONE episode of ROCK-T, “GRIFF” and SUPA DAVE express their opinions on your favorite topics… You will get your answer.  Every week these guys discuss the top stories in the world of Entertainment, Pop Culture, Sports, Relationships, and any other random topic. They tell it like it is and can care less whether you like it or not. So Buckle Up and get ready for the “I HATE THE HOMIES” Podcast

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