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Marsha B for Natural Girl Wigs

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

I had difficulty deciding what kind of hair I liked as a beginner in the world of weaves. Back in my day, buying hair consisted of going to your local beauty supply store, buying a pack of bundles for $35 – $50, and taking them to your stylist for an install. That was the early 2000s. Now, you have your choice of textures from regions worldwide, and they’ll cost you a pretty penny if you want something sustainable.

I went natural in 2007, so I was disconnected from the weaving world for some time. It wasn’t until I was tasked to review different brands that I started to learn what worked best for my hair. I quickly learned that straight hair is not my thing. The look is flawless, but I experienced excessive oiliness that I didn’t like. I’d have a greasy look after about a week, requiring more maintenance than I wanted. I gravitated towards natural textures because it was easier for me to blend my hair in, and I didn’t have to use heat. After my first go-round with a kinky texture, I was hooked. I wore that weave out with three different installs, and I knew it was time to move on to a new set of bundles, hopefully, more durable with less shedding.

Natural Girl Wigs sent a few of their Kinky Blowout Textured bundles over for me to try, so I decided to test them out and see if I found my new summer hair.

The install

The bundles arrived in a satin baggie and a booklet with instructions on maintaining the hair. I was immediately impressed because the hair was super soft! Compromising the texture was something I wanted to avoid, so I wanted the manipulation of the hair to be minimal.

My friend did the install and styled it in a braid out. Mousse helped lock in a curl pattern, so it was my go-to whenever I wanted a pronounced texture. For those days that I didn’t mind a less polished look, I braided my hair without mousse for looser curls.

I kept the weave in for 6 weeks total, but it could’ve stayed in a bit longer.

Marsha B for Natural Girl Wigs

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

It was easy to style my hair because the texture match was spot on. I’d wear two cornrows, a ponytail, half-up half-down, or a braid out styles.

Marsha B for Natural Girl Wigs

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

We used two 20-inch bundles for this install, which was more than enough. I’ve already washed the hair and have them waiting for the next time I decide to weave my hair.

Overall, Natural Hair Wigs boast more pros than cons. This brand is affordable compared to the competition, and the quality is also good. What stood out to me the most was the softness of the hair. It didn’t lose durability after washing and conditioning it.

I’m obsessed! You can shop yours below.

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