Sen. Tim Scott Visits "America's Newsroom"

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As anyone who is familiar with him knows, South Carolina senator and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Scott believes with his entire sunken chest that “America is not a racist country,” despite all the statistical evidence that it is. But Scott has also made it clear that the only reason he believes so wholeheartedly in post-racial America is that Republicans aren’t technically a race. If they were, then Scott certainly be of the opinion that Democrats have reinstated Jim Crow against political conservatives and have ordered law enforcement to turn the fire hoses and dogs on members of the GOP who only want to drink from the same water fountains as everyone else.

And in case any of you think I’m being hyperbolic about Scott’s belief that a Republican reconstruction era is underway, here’s what he said earlier this year:

“Listen, I understand how it feels to be treated as a second-class citizen because of the color of my skin,” Scott said. “I refuse to be considered a second-class citizen because of the color of my party.”

In other words: I experienced a lot of racism in America, which definitely isn’t a racist countryunless you want to sit at a “Dems only” diner as a Republican.

And now that commander-in-allegations-of-corruption Donald Trump is set to be arraigned for a 37-count federal indictment, Scott is continuing his erroneous narrative that America’s justice system is blind, except for when it’s seeing red.

“As Americans, we have to have a justice system where the lady of justice wears a blindfold,” Scott told reporters following a campaign appearance in Spartanburg, according to The Post and Courier.

“What we see today across this administration of President Joe Biden is a double standard,” he continued. “That double standard is both un-American and unacceptable. You can’t protect Democrats while targeting and hunting Republicans.”

First of all, what is Scott even talking about? What does Trump’s indictment have to do with protecting Democrats? What double standard? Is there a Democrat somewhere who is stockpiling classified documents in their bathroom and is being ignored by the feds? And seeing as Trump is literally the first ex-president ever to face federal criminal charges, based on what is Scott implying that this kind of thing only happens to the GOP under democratic leadership?

But Scott knows he’ll never be challenged to answer any of the above questions by his own constituents or party members. He knows Republicans’ favorite political strategy, especially in the post-Trump era, is to just say anything that sounds good to right-wingers who don’t know anything. So, of course, one shouldn’t expect Scott to give any other examples of Republican leaders who have been targeted and hunted by the Biden administration, just as he has yet to back his numerous claims that Republicans are systematically being sent to the back of the bus.

Scott went on to tell reporters that as president he would restore faith in the Justice Department “so that every single American could have confidence that they will be treated the same, no matter your color and no matter your partisan affiliation.”

So, basically, we’re supposed to have confidence that a person who doesn’t think America is racist will do something about the racist justice system in America, while also protecting Republicans against systemic discrimination that doesn’t exist.

Got it.


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