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According to a recent report, Ohioans must earn at least $19 per hour in order to afford an average 2-bedroom apartment. Sadly, for those making minimum wage that simply isn’t enough.

This story was initially reported by NBC 4.

The report, conducted by Out of Reach Ohio, states that residents must make at least $19.09 in order to pay for a modest apartment. Minimum wage in this state currently sits at $10.10, a full 70 cents higher than it was a year ago.

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From NBC 4:

“The McDonald’s may be paying a little bit more now; the Target may be paying a little bit more now … but those increases are not keeping pace with the rising rent costs that we see month over month,” COHHIO executive Amy Riegel said at a news conference Wednesday.

Of the 10 occupations with the most workers in Ohio, only three – tractor-trailer truck driver, registered nurse and general operations manager – earn a median hourly wage that surpasses the average $19.09 needed to rent a two-bedroom, the report found, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To read the full NBC 4 report, [click here].

According to the report, homelessness is up 22%, and officials are working with the state in order to increase money spent on affordable housing.


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