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Honey Balenciaga received a rousing welcome in her hometown when she made her Renaissance tour return after taking a break to rest. MetLife Stadium erupted when the lights revealed Honey Balenciaga on stage during the popular dance break session of the show. “Ain’t nothing like home baby! I love y’all.” Balenciaga wrote on Twitter in response to fans who tweeted about her c*nty performance despite being “injured.”

Honey Balenciaga’s performances have been going viral since her Renaissance World Tour debut on May 10, 2023 in Europe when she left fans gagged by her stunts and unbelievable dips.

While Honey enjoyed her warm reception, she is back to resting after NYC. “New York City I love you! I wouldn’t have missed this if I broke every bone in my body. This is my home & you’re my family. I will be taking much needed break after NYC till then pray for me,” she wrote on Twitter.

I’ve been a fan of the Ballroom phenom since first discovering her in a viral clip that showcases her undeniable presence during a legendary battle against fellow Legendary Max star Makayla. Here’s everything you need to know about Honey Balenciaga.

Who Is Honey Balenciaga?

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Honey Balenciaga, real name Honey Gonzales, is a popular dancer in the Ballroom scene. The BK native, (who will be celebrating her birthday on August 15 – she’s a Leo), became a household name on HBO Max’s Legendary. Honey Balenciaga first debuted on the scene in 2017 as a member of the House of LaBeija, a pioneering house founded in 1968.


Before Honey Balenciaga joined the Renaissance World Tour, she showed up and showed out on season one of Legendary as a “supervillain” but really left her mark on season two when she compete on the show with the House Of Balenciaga, led by legendary face competitor Shannon Balenciaga. While the House Of Balenciaga lost the finale to the House of Miyake Mugler, Honey Balenciaga was a top competitor and served the children with her vogueing talent, flexibility, sex appeal, and stunts.

Dance Background

Honey Balenciaga is a captivating dancer with immense skill, but it’s her confidence that truly sells it. “I didn’t know that I wanted to be a dancer, I knew I wanted to be a star,” Honey revealed in a candid interview with V Magazine.

While opening up about her entrance onto the Ballroom scene, Honey Balenciaga reflected on some obstacles she faced.

“Honestly my early days weren’t so long ago, I started Voguing in 2017. So before walking my ball a year later after training in this style, I always came back for more because there were many obstacles starting out in the ballroom scene at first, but I pushed through it. I always came back to these balls and I always showed up because Ballroom taught me something that I needed. And I had a new confidence when I came to Ballroom, I walked with grace when I came to ballroom. Ballroom gave me the strength I needed to handle the obstacles of everyday life.”

Ballroom Is Extended Family

RIMOWA & Porsche Host Exclusive Event

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Honey Balenciaga is of Puerto Rican and Honduran roots. “I’m Puerto Rican and Honduran, artistry is in my roots,” she said. “From the family gatherings to the loud, Latina music, the dancing, I am heavily impacted by my culture and community—I am always surrounded by art.”

Despite being close to her biological family, Honey says she was gifted with “another family that understood me.” She added, “because you don’t tend to always get that from your actual family. So having that extended family understand where you’re coming from and understand the life you’re walking in is just a beautiful thing—especially because it’s like having a real family. So whenever I’m done learning from them, I take what I can and I’m ready to be on my own—I learned independence from them.”

Honey ventured to LA after feeling “stuck” in NY and the move has been life-changing for her career. “Coming to LA after leaving New York was the best thing I did because ever since I moved to LA, I’ve only been growing from here.”

From Ballroom to Beyoncé!


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