Unemployed Ohioans might be looking forward to receiving some extra benefits over the next few months.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, ODJFS, just announced Monday that Extended Benefits will be available to people who have used the maximum 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits, as well as, the 13 weeks of Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

Kimberly Hall, the Director of ODJFS says, “We will soon begin notifying individuals who may qualify for this additional assistance to instruct them how to apply. Although high unemployment rates are never welcome news, we are happy that we can offer this extra support for Ohioans who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are having difficulty finding work.”

The Extended Benefits are made possible because Ohio’s insured unemployment rate exceeded a minimum threshold. The insured unemployment rate measures the number of people receiving unemployment benefits as a percentage of the labor force.

More than one million Ohioans have been effected by COVID-19 and lost their jobs. Extending benefits is clearly the right thing to do during these difficult and trying times.

“Without unemployment compensation, they’re not going to be able to pay the rent or pay the mortgage, keep a roof over their head, let alone keep food on their table,” Lisa Hamler-Fuggitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks said. “And we’re at risk now of folks maybe losing their cars through repossession, so this is the cash that’s going to keep their heads above water for now.”

Many people feel like it is extremely important for Congress to extend the pandemic unemployment compensation supplements. The end date for those $600-a-week payments is rapidly approaching.

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