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One thing is for certain, and two things are for sure: all women love to feel and exude sexiness. Finding the perfect piece of lingerie that hugs your body is a high you and your mate will never get over. Thanks to Taquiela Wright’s lingerie brand, Delisa Rose, we have another Black-woman-owned brand that’ll take sexy time to the next level.

Contrary to popular belief, not all lingerie brands are created equal. Delisa Rose brings Wright’s genius in the aerospace and engineering industries to life via geometric shapes and cuts that are new to the lingerie industry. With that in mind, it’s time to get more acquainted with Delisa Rose and its multifaceted founder, owner, and CEO.

The 4-1-1 on Delisa Rose by Taquiela Wright 

Taquiela Wright’s lingerie brand has been praised for its avante-garde-meets-ultra-modern aesthetic since its inception in 2021. Home to two collections — Primrose Collection and Island Breeze — the brand features designs crafted with chiffon, delicate lace, and velvet fabrics. Tequila’s experience as a metallurgist engineer — dealing with infrastructures, metals, and shapes of things — helped scale the vision for the brand.

“I use a lot of my day-to-day expertise into how I cut and sew or how I design or construct the items or a new look I want to bring to market, so a lot of my stuff would be the same,” Wright told Hello Beautiful. “Like a chemise would be the same construction, but I may play around with different patterns or different shapes within my design to kind of make it a little unique to me.”

She added. “I like to be different, the types of shapes and things like that. I didn’t know what was going to come out of it or how I was going to create it.”

Delisa Rose designs

Source: Courtesy of Delisa Rose / Courtesy of Delisa Rose

The developmental process for any clothing brand is not for the weak. Taquiela takes pride in the growing pains of her design journey.

She respects that the clothing design and entrepreneurial process comes with tons of trial and error.

“Your first year is probably the hardest year because it’s a baby,” she told Hello Beautiful. “I was messing up everywhere. I am learning to be a designer, but also learning how to be an entrepreneur depending on the system; the system is my safe haven.”

Frankly, she says that adding lingerie designer to her hefty resume came with great difficulty since she didn’t understand the process of creating the garments.

“It’s really the hardest thing to make because of the materials,” Wright added. “You’re dealing with sensitive materials, such as lace, which is very sensitive. If the needle goes in wrong, you can over-stretch it and put a hole in it. There’s a lot of reworking that you might not have time for.”

Still, she doesn’t regret taking the road to entrepreneurship but cautions like-minded creatives to take the appropriate steps — from developing marketing strategies to engaging with their target audience.

“Surround yourself with a positive, strong team. If you can’t afford a team to lean on resources that are out there,” she urges. “But be mindful of what you’re putting into your business and have your business protected at all costs.”

The Delisa Rose by Taquiela Wright “Experience Collection” will make its New York Fashion Week debut on Sept. 9, 2023, at The Bomb Fashion Show, presented by Claire Sulmers and hosted by Nene Leakes.

No matter where you are in your journey, there is power in speaking positively and allowing your talent to do all the talking. Once the confirmation of the “Experience Collection” debuting at NYFW became a reality, Wright’s faith was magnified.  

“I talked it over with my publicist, but we focused more on the launch because it was back in February,” Wright told HelloBeautiful. “From February up until deciding on doing NYFW, I have been saying I’m doing NYFW. I kind of spoke it into existence.”

She recalled jumpstarting the designing process in early May and talking to God about the opportunity. From there, things began to fall into place as her team reached out to Fashion Bomb Daily and made magic happen.

The designer has yet to speak with Claire Sulmers personally, but she recognizes her tenacity and acknowledges the tastemaker as “a true trailblazer and an inspiration to all women in this fashion industry.”

“I feel like I met her requirements and that’s huge,” Wright says. I’m really grateful for [Claire Sulmers] for allowing me to showcase her passion.”

Tap in with Taquiela Wright’s lingerie brand, Delisa Rose here.


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