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JT of The City Girls is defending her recent Beats By Dre X Mowalola campaign after fans suggested the imagery is a part of the Illuminati. JT — real name Jatavia Shakara Johnson — took to Twitter to celebrate the launch of the ad, tweeting, “I’m really from the hood doing campaign shoots in Paris with Hugo Comte. Y’all won’t understand how full my heart truly is. I know what I’m doing, f**k who don’t get it!”

JT found herself defending the ad on Instagram Live after critics spread rumors about her being a part of the entertainment cult after the rap star appeared in a Beats By Dre X Mowalola campaign.

“Campaigns are not just for people who look a certain type of way,” she explained. “Just because I’m from where I’m from, doesn’t mean I need to be in Shark Boots every day.”

She added, “When y’all see all these shoots, no, I didn’t sell my soul. No, I’m not in no Illuminati. No, the devil ain’t got me. I’m getting to the bag.”


JT Beats By Dre X Mowalola Campaign

JT is about her coins! The Miami native recently starred in a major campaign for Beats By Dre X Mowalola, rocking one-of-a-kind headphones from the collaboration and a colorful wig. The photos showed the femcee in an artsy light. One particular picture captured the star with her eyes rolled back in her head. Many shared their thoughts on her latest venture, including assumptions about her affiliation with the Illuminati. JT got a whiff of the gossip and took to her Instagram Live to address the speculation. “No, no, devil ain’t got me. I’m getting to the bag,” stated the celebrity.

JT further explained that she refuses to be stereotyped in this industry. She wants girls who look like her and are from where she is from to know that they too can go after branding opportunities that don’t only involve showing off their bodies in risqué clothing. The opportunities to secure the bag can be diverse, even for girls with an urban persona. “It’s not just for fashion people. Campaigns are not just for people who look a certain way. Just ’cause I’m from where I’m from doesn’t mean I need to be in spandex and shark boots every other day,” exclaimed the City Girls’ lyricist.

JT concluded her IG Live talk by reiterating that stepping outside of her norm has afforded her many opportunities. Also, when she was trying to fit a particular aesthetic, the “No Bars” rapper revealed that only brands like Fashion Nova reached out to her. Now that she has ventured outside her comfort zone, her stardom (and bank account) has reached new heights.

Get to the money, JT!

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