The Ohio State University is looking for participants for a new clinical trial. With COVID-19 running rampant throughout country, many people have fallen victim to the virus. The OSU Med Center is hoping to make breakthroughs in treating the coronavirus.

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19,  have had relatively mild symptoms and are recovering at home, consider signing up for a new drug trial that OSU Med Center researchers are very hopeful about.

The trial is called the BLAZE-1 Study. OSU is just one of many participating in the clinical research. Currently the trial is in stage 2 of an antiviral drug.

“They actually took antibodies from a person in the U.S. who had the infection early on in the pandemic. They identified multiple antibodies that were produced, tested them for potency. and they were actually able to take the gene to make that antibody, and then, they can clone that and make synthetic version of this antibody,” explained Infectious Disease Researcher Dr. Carlos Malvestutto.

Details for the trial are as follows:

  • 29 day study
  • Receive one-time dose of drug or control placebo via IV
  • Monitored in clinic after dosage
  • Research nurses follow up for evaluation for remainder of trial

Dr. Malvestutto is hopeful that this antiviral treatment will prevent the disease from progressing in patients, which means less likelihood of being being hospitalized.

“We’re not talking about a drug that has been repurposed to see if it works against this virus. In this case, the drug itself has been designed to target the structure of this particular virus,” Malvestutto added.

A total of about 40 people are needed to participate in the study and with numbers spiking all throughout the state of Ohio, I doubt this will be difficult. If you or someone you know, has tested for COVID-19 within the past three days and the results were positive, call 614-293-8112 to sign up.

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