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I first discovered Supa — real name Raynell Stewart — a few years ago, when her face popped up in a viral video on my Facebook feed. She was reciting the most compelling story…a detailed account of the best sex of her life. It was just one of Supa’s honest and comedic videos from Vine where she had amassed a large following.

Her hood charisma particularly resonated with me. Fast-forward a few years and sis — a young Black woman like me and my girls — parlayed that bag into a vault. Last year, on Cyber Monday, her Crayon Case cosmetics brand made $1.37 million in just one hour. It was beyond inspiring. It was proof Black women can do anything.

I woke up this morning with my heart aching for her as she faces the ultimate embarrassment. It’s headline news at this point, so I’m sure you’re aware Lou cheated. Again. It’s like a gut punch from Mike Tyson (and no one wants to be punched by Mike Tyson). You know that feeling I’m talking about. Your blood rushing through your body like a tall ocean wave collapsing in on itself. The feeling of your heart palpating when you find out your man (fiancé in this case) cheated on you. Again.

Then the story unfolds, and you relive the pain over and over again because we’re in the digital age. And everything you do is magnified on social media. As if being in a pandemic isn’t enough… Damn Supa.

The screenshots of inappropriate text messages have flooded the net and sting lingers. Lou’s name is in autocomplete on Twitter. And another successful Black woman is exposed. Instantly, Megan Thee Stallion crosses my mind.

Reading Ebro denounce Tory, in a Twitter series this morning, felt triumphant. Hold these nig… men accountable for being trash.

Supa, you are loved. Meg you are loved. Even if the men who claim to love you betray you. We’ve been there, yet can’t imagine how it feels on this level of popularity. But as we have all learned, Black women are resilient nonetheless. And if all else fails, remember even Jay Z cheated on Beyonce.

We’re bumping Lemonade with you. 


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