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Sanaa Lathan,52, and her good girlfriends Tia Mowry, 45, and Gabrielle Union, 51, are getting serious about their fitness goals in 2024. Each known for their fabulous sense of style, relatable personalities, and fit bodies, the three women took to Instagram to share their new plans. Sanaa, who led the fitness charge, calls the new regimen “Operation Get Snatched.”

“This body, I’ve got to get this body together,” Sanaa shared with fans in a car video on January 4.

Admitting that, like many of us, she has strayed away from healthy activities and recommendations, the “Love & Basketball” actress continued, “I don’t know what I’ve been doing. I have not been working out. I’ve been eating. I don’t even know who this is.”

Committing to change, Sanaa has called her old trainer to help her reach her fitness goals. And on January 4, she invited her 5.4M followers to join her on the transformative journey.

“Anybody want to join me?” Sanaa asked on a cell phone video, fresh-faced with her hair in a tight bun. “I am calling this Operation Get Snatched because I’m tired of hiding and wearing the big, baggy clothes to hide all the lumps and the bumps and all that stuff.” The new “Miss Cleo” star added, “Also, it’s about getting healthy and feeling good.”

Gabrielle Union and Tia Mowry are ready to get (more) snatched.

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Not shy about their fitness goals, Gabrielle and Tia answered Sanaa’s call for #OperationGetSnatched members. On January 17, the pair shared an Instagram reel of them taking a dance class with a friend, Nicole Lyn. Nicki Minaj’s “Everybody” played in the background.

Covered in sweat following the movement session, Gabrielle says to the camera,  “We did it. It was all love. Kinda felt spiritual.”

Gabrielle and Tia captioned their post, “#OperationSnatched Snatching back my mind, body, and soul in 2024 inspired by my ❤ @sanaalathan.”

#OperationGetSnatched: Fit, Fabulous, And Over 40

As many of us take steps toward our self-improvement, Sanaa, Tia, and Gabby’s candidness toward fitness, discipline, and even making mistakes and starting over again is awe-inspiring. Consistently working out can be challenging. So it’s refreshing to see women – who slay in every room they step in – get real about discipline and the effort needed.


Further, the fact that these women are over 40 does not go unnoticed. Black women over 40 are thriving right now – and getting serious about health and wellness may be one reason why. Gabby, Tia, and Sanaa are proof.

Let’s go, ladies!  We’re here for the snatched sisterhood!


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