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In today’s episode of Racists Defending Their Racism By Being More Racist, Turning Point USA’s head white nationalist in charge, Charlie Kirk, has outraged the non-white supremacist portion of the internet once again by saying confidently that if he sees a Black pilot, he’s going to assume they’re unqualified. Of course, like most delusional white conservatives, Kirk is claiming this sentiment is borne not from racism, but from DEI initiatives, which conservative white people erroneously believe is essentially Jim Crow for Caucasians.

First, let’s start with what Kirk actually said.

“I’m sorry. If I see a Black pilot, I’m going to be like, ‘Boy, I hope he’s qualified,” Kirk said during a recent episode of The Charlie Kirk Show.

From Newsweek:

He later added it was “not who I am, that’s not what I believe,” but said he was being made to react that way because he felt policies adopted by major companies regarding ethnic minorities meant less-qualified people were being given jobs with significant responsibility, including airline pilots.

Kirk’s producer, Blake Neff, blamed left-wing politics for Kirk’s comments, saying it was the “reality the left has created.”

On his weekly panel discussion, ThoughtCrime, Kirk was discussing what he felt was the negative impact of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies, which are designed to encourage people from ethnic minorities to pursue careers in industries that are not representative of them. Opponents argue that DEI gives favoritism to people based on race that undermines a meritocratic system in which only the most qualified are able to pursue roles.

Wow—where to even start?

Actually, let’s begin with Kirk’s producer’s assertion that Kirk’s clear and unmistakable racism stems from a “reality the left has created” through affirmative action and DEI—because that’s the lie white racists keep telling themselves. They’ve lured the nation into this absurd “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” debate regarding DEI and white racism when the answer is obvious and observable throughout American history: White racism came first.

Affirmative action and DEI are products of white supremacy. Efforts to diversify largely white male spaces came after decades upon decades of non-white exclusion in academia and the workforce. It came after decades upon decades of white men in power deciding white men were the only ones qualified to be in power. For the overwhelming majority of America’s existence, affirmative action exclusively for white men was the default. That’s the only reason DEI became necessary in the first place. So, no, this isn’t a “reality created by the left,” it’s a reality created by traditional American white supremacy, which is absolutely conservative in nature, which is why right-wing white people are still the ones looking at Black people with jobs and assuming they’re unqualified.

Make no mistake about this: If you, as a white person, see a Black person in any position and, without knowing anything else about them outside of the color of their skin, question their qualifications, you are being racist, and it’s exactly that attitude that caused people of color to be excluded from a myriad of positions, which is ultimately what birthed DEI. White people already thought we were unqualified for these jobs, and that’s why they’ve been so exclusively white traditionally.

So, when Kirk says, “That’s not who I am, that’s not what I believe”—about the belief that he had literally just expressed—he’s lying. It is who he is. He’s a racist.

This is, after all, the same man who just recently asked a Black Trump supporter if Black America typically finds “gangbanging” more acceptable than supporting Donald Trump, and that came after he also parroted the racist lie that Black support for Trump increased due to Trump’s mugshot being released. So, basically, whether we support Trump or not, we’re a thuggery-inspired people. But nah—I’m sure when it comes to DEI, he’s not being racist, he’s just being practical.

“I made a logical statement,” Kirk wrote in a 350-word tweet defending his statement on Black pilots, according to Meidas Touch News.

When Kirk asked about Black America’s fictional affinity for gangbanging, he called the question “provocative.” Now, he’s calling his anti-Black statement “logical.” What will be his next word to use in place of “racist,” which is the only appropriate descriptor?


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